New litter "B" Rose de Gaurt we plan in autumn 2020/spring 2021

Mother will be again C.I.B. Ava Francesca von Chirlitz.

Father - we are looking for "our best male", handsome, perfect in body construction and friendly in temperament, with excellent healty tests. We have some idea yet...




All puppies are in their new homes !!


We hope, all new owners are the rigth persons for our sweet babies. We selected them very carefully. 

We wish for all puppies happy long life full of dog's happines and love.

Hope  we can see each others in show rings sometimes.


Aurellia Rose de Gaurt - stays at home


Alberteena Rose de Gaurt - lives in our "basic" kennel - Von Chirlitz in Brno (CZ)


Amunzeen Rose de Gaurt - lives in Brno (CZ)


Aymaar Rose de Gaurt - lives in Liberec (CZ)


Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt - lives in Telč (CZ)







New photos of our pupies by eyes Miss Kateřina Skopalová.

I love them all.


Aurellia Rose de Gaurt


Alberteena Rose de Gaurt


Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt


Aymaar Rose de Gaurt


Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt






Our happy day !!!

We were on ABC klinik Brno to make BAER test - with absolutely fantastic results. All puppies litter A-Rose de Gaurt are full bilateral hearing, it means all 5 puppies are BAER +/+ !!!


The same day later we have had  special breeding control from Dalmatian club of Czech Republic, with breeding specialist Mrs.Ing. Eva Liškova. Again with fantastic results !! All 5 puppies are standart, all litter A-Rose de Gaurt is without any fault !!! It means without plates, without incorrect tails, blue eyes, without false spotting,  boys have both testis. All pupies are with great spotting and with beautiful, large haeds.

We are so happy !!!


And now names of my puppies:


Ms.Pink - Aurellia Rose de Gaurt

Ms.Violet - Albetreena Rose de Gaurt

Mr.Turquoise - Amundzeen Rose de Gaurt

Mr.Yellow - Aymaar Rose de Gaurt

Mr. Green - Alfonsso Rose de Gaurt

















Let me introduce my litter "A" Rose de Gaurt.

Puppies are 6 weeks old.


Miss Pink



Miss Violet



Mr. Turqouise



Mr. Yellow



Mr. Green






Puppies are 6 week old. 

New photoserie by eyes of Miss Nikola Zmeškalová, with toys from "hollandian grand-mummy and grand-daddy" Andre and Diana Kok.


Miss Pink


Miss Violet


Mister Turquoise


Mister Yellow


Mister Green






We are 4,5 weeks old......and have new wonderful  photos by Žaneta Michálková, Brno

Look at us: Miss Pink, Miss Violet, Mr. Turqouise, Mr. Green, Mr. Yellow










Today we have very special visit!!

Diana and André Kok come to visit us from Holland, with father of our puppies Muta Baruka The Astonishing.

They maked very nice standing pictures of pupps .

Puppies are 4 weeks old now.


Miss. Pink


Miss. Violet


Mr. Turquoise


Mr. Yellow


Mr. Green






We are 3 weeks old. 

My soft treasure.










We are 2 weeks old. 

Miss Pink, Miss Violet, Mr.Turqouise, Mr.Green, Mr. Yellow











Day 11

New photos of our puppies by young photograper Miss Nikola Zmeškalová, Cz

It was the first experiment with puppies as profi photo-models, so I think it is very good job. 








And wish you good night for now !!





Puppies are growing very well. And we can see the first spotting.








Litter "A" Rose de Gaurt


We have 5 strong and beautiful puppies - 3 boys and 2 girls


The birth was started nearly after midnight 9.5.2019. The first was birth princess Miss Pink (410g), after 2 hours the second girl Miss Violet (480g), and later our 3 boys - Mr.Turqouise (515g), Mr. Yellow (490g) and finally Mr.Green (440g).

Only Miss Violet is liver spotted, another puppies are black spotted.

We are so happy of this puppies, they look strong, healthy with great drive to drink milk. Fanny is very kind, good mother, patiently takes care of them and  softly massages their bellies.










Pregnancy is confirmed by USG

Puppies of litter "A" Rose de Gaurt can expected about 8.-10.5.2019

We are so pleased and excited


Proud parents:   LJCh NJCh, DK BE NL NO Ch  Muta Baruka The Astonishing (NL)

                          C.I.B., CZ SK PL A HU Ch, CZ SK PL GCh, multiJCh   Ava Francesca von Chirlitz (CZ)





Planning litter "A" Rose de Gaurt


News - Fanny is after mating !

At the date 6.3.+ 8.3.2019 we maked long trip to The Netherland, to well-known kennel The Astonishing (owner Diana and André Kok, Medemblik) and had mated our beautiful Fanny by absolutely amazing, hopeful, young, friendly and super in temperament dog,  with fantastic drive in movement - Muta Baruka The Astonishing.


If everything comes well, we can expected puppies about 8.-10.5.2019. More information continuously.




NJCh, LJCh, BE NL DK NO Ch. Muta Baruka The Astonishing

d.o.b. 29.6. 2016, BAER +/+, full dentition, HD A, ED 0, lemon free


Junior champion of Netherland

Junior champion of Luxembourg

Belgian Beauty Champion

Netherland Champion

Danish champion


F. Ch. Take it or Leave it of Duke's Proud, BAER +/+, fulldentition, HD A, lemon free

M. C.I.B., multi Ch, JCh Dalmacademy's Dutch Delicious, BAER +/+, missing  2xP4, HD A, lemon free


At least we met wonderful people Diana and André Kok. Photo together.

Thak you for all, for your help and care about us.

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