Welcome all lovers and fans of dalmatians.
We are little, family type dog kennel, with FCI registrated name " Rose de Gaurt", based on 12/2018.
Everything is too new....
But my dream comes true......


Our story of the beginning?

After long waiting and intensive looking for the best baby, we reserved a little girl in the end of 2015, in family Barák kennel "von Chirlitz", lokated Brno, Czech republik. One baby girl had taken our eyes and hearts.
And so with luck, some special dalmatian´s lady lives with us from spring 2016. She chanded all my life upside down......and really all my family too.
She has grown as charming, adorable princess, with excelent exterier and very wonderful and pleasant in temperament lady. My friend, my love, my co-partner for everything. My fulfilled dream.
And because she is so outstanding, we have taken an idea to give some of her qualities to the offsprings, next generations.
We only can see in the future, what will be happened.....
Maybe my dreams will go sucessfuly ahead, and maybe sometimes our cuddly puppies can make especially YOU so happy.


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